Will Medicare, Medicaid, or other programs cover the cost of your loved one’s home health care? We can help.

When a loved one falls ill, becomes injured, or requires other home health services, you may not know precisely what the next step is. That’s where Heartfelt Cares comes in. Medicare-Medicaid approved home care is our specialty. We assist you in filing the paperwork, work with you to determine your eligibility, and work with your elderly or disabled loved one’s primary care physician.

Caring for an aging parent or relative at home is hard enough without the burden of paperwork, lengthy forms, and confusing insurance technicalities. From the moment you contact Heartfelt Cares, we use our compassionate, trusted experience to help you complete insurance qualifications through such agencies as:

We know this can be a confusing and stressful time. If you’ve made the decision to care for a loved one or family member due to aging, disease, injury, or illness, we want to help. By calling us, you can set your Medicare-Medicaid approved home care in action. Let us use our experience and know how to help you transition into relief.

Accredited Home Health Care

Not all home health care is the same. The quality and compassion of a home health care provider can really only be verified by independent agencies, such as CHAP. CHAP stands for Community Health Accreditation Program. When a home healthcare agency such as Heartfelt Cares is CHAP-Certified, it means that they have been independently tested for quality. Because professional licensure agencies like CHAP have higher standards than state or federal governments, becoming CHAP-certified means that an agency has gone above and beyond the state and federal guidelines to offer a higher caliber of quality than the bare minimum.

Because are a drug-free workplace, our employees are screened for drug use. They are also licensed, bonded, and insured. For our skilled nursing employees, we require no less than one year of verifiable, hands-on experience under the supervision of a registered nurse who has developed a care plan for a patient.

Simply put, from the moment you need us, we promise to be there – helping you through insurance hurdles, providing care that excels above government guidelines, and creating a safe, nurturing environment for your aging or disabled loved one.

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Medicare-Medicaid Approved Home Care
Verifying your loved one’s eligibility for Medicare, Medicaid, Worker’s Compensation, or commercial insurance coverage starts with calling Heartfelt Cares for a home health care assessment.